Norfolk Broads Boat Hire

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Moon Enterprise boat Norfolk Broads

Moon Enterprise from £939

Well equipped cruiser perfect for two couples.

Merrymore 3 boat Norfolk Broads

Merrymore 3 from £660

Stylish well-designed cruiser ideal for families.

Brinks Quartet boat Norfolk Broads

Brinks Quartet from £865

Luxurious modern cruiser.

Soprano boat Norfolk Broads

Soprano from £602

Dual steering cruiser offering good visability suitable for two couples.

Sand Piper boat Norfolk Broads

Sand Piper from £725

Smart comfortable cruiser ideal for larger parties.

White Champagne boat Norfolk Broads

White Champagne from £782

Ideal two family cruiser with large aft sundeck.

Pearl boat Norfolk Broads

Pearl from £607

Easily operated sliding canopy over cockpit with stern access for easy mooring.

Majestic Gem boat Norfolk Broads

Majestic Gem from £743

This cruiser offers five separate cabins with sliding canopy and aft well.

Admiral boat Norfolk Broads

Admiral from £767

Top class boat with sliding canopy perfect for two couples or family cruising.

Pink Champagne boat Norfolk Broads

Pink Champagne from £847

Ideal two family cruiser with large aft sundeck.

Fair Empress Class boat Norfolk Broads

Fair Empress Class from £1030

Modern cruiser ideal for the larger family or groups.

Continentale boat Norfolk Broads

Continentale from £1139

An ideal boat for families and groups of friends holidaying together.

Diamond Emblem 2 boat Norfolk Broads

Diamond Emblem 2 from £1232

Luxurious boat for a large family.

Broads Sunset boat Norfolk Broads

Broads Sunset from £820

Spacious comfortable cruiser with sliding canopy over elevated stateroom offering superb views.

Broads Serenade boat Norfolk Broads

Broads Serenade from £830

Comfortable for larger party.